Every now and then, we receive special orders from our customers outside of the assortment in the online store we provide for their brand – and it’s not due to gaps in the product portfolio. It’s because these customers understand that by customizing branded items, they can tell their story without restrictions or compromises. Used […]

The time where any brand, regardless of its industry, could avoid facing the question of the environmental impact of its operations, is long gone. In 2023, brands that embrace the issue of sustainability and take proactive steps to turn it into a strength are clearly the ones coming out on top. At Creon, we’ve made […]

As one of our customers, the Atlas Copco Group, celebrates its 150th anniversary this year, we’re proud to be given the opportunity to design an exclusive collection of branded items to mark the occasion. We used rich colors, contemporary features, and classic designs to embody the long history and heritage of industrial innovation that characterize the […]

“Conscious design.” “Purposeful design.” At Creon, we often use those words to describe the items we create for our customers. This jacket for Atlas Copco is a great example of what that actually means: Made with largely recycled materials, meant to be used and enjoyed every day, and designed with features that have been thought […]

Branded items are a more organic way to communicate your identity and values both internally and externally. We designed warm pile zip jackets and knitted hats exclusively for our customer Epiroc. Here, these items are used to make sure that Epiroc’s Brand and Communication Council stays snug during a wintertime breakout meeting. A great example […]

PSI - Promotional Product Service Institute, the advertising media trade fair in Düsseldorf

2023 is off to an exciting start! Creon team just attended PSI – Promotional Product Service Institute, the advertising media trade fair in Düsseldorf. After a three-year break, PSI brought numerous upcoming products and exciting concepts to the merchandise industry. It was a wonderful experience to see innovative materials, explore products that were truly sustainably […]

We’re delighted to have had the opportunity to give our customer at Epiroc an in-person look at the future of branded items! As 350 of the company’s most senior team members met for a week to talk about what tomorrow holds for them, we set up an exclusive, real-life version of the digital Epiroc Profile […]

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