Empowering your brand

Creon empowers your brand by creating, producing and distributing a wide range of sustainably manufactured branded item solutions for you.

Our branded item solutions are complete and customized to express your brand in the most effective way. Your values are built into them. Your brand is empowered by them.

We will design and produce quality workwear that brings your people together and makes them feel special.

When you are planning an event or campaign, Creon will come on board and create branded items that tell your story and make people remember it.


Creon believes, If you want to empower your brand THINGS MATTER™. They last longer. They tell your story. They reflect your values.

Now, imagine that your company, your values, product and brand message are in that quality pen, designed coffee mug, comfortable hat, recycled water bottle or other everyday item. It can turn up anywhere in any context. If it’s good, and if it is appreciated because of its quality and usefulness, your brand will be remembered and empowered in that way.

And if you need help with any of that, come to Creon.

That’s what we do best.

Creon creates

You will be surprised when we visit you and present innovative and imaginative ways to empower your brand. You will see how your brand values can be communicated using a clever combination of products and subtle messages – your very own branded item solution.

Your brand ambassadors are everywhere

They are your customers, your shareholders, your employees and people who simply like what you do. And branded items help them express their support for you.

Create branded items for them to use – at work, travelling, at home and wherever they go. Let them tell your story and what you stand for.

Give them a chance to be proud of what you do.

We actively care

Creon will guarantee that your branded items will be sourced, manufactured and transported with care and compassion. We have a reputation for being very selective in our choice of manufacturers and we are proud of our CSR achievements.

Creon is the first Swedish company in our line of business to be GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

Not once but twice the winner of the promotion award.
The motivation of the jury:

“The winner is the premium company within the industry and a role model in regard to CSR issues.”

Your own Profile Store

As a Creon customer you will enjoy the convenience of your own online purchase and distribution center. As your branded items become available, we will help you spread the word so that your employees and partners know what to do to get them.

Creon has the inhouse expertise to take care of manufacture, transport, storage, orders and efficient delivery of your branded items to anywhere in the world. We also offer after-sales support whenever you need it.

Workwear – style and comfort

Creon will design and produce workwear that will communicate your brand, express your values and bring people together.

Customized complete outfits, single garments or uniforms for the workplace, we have the experience to get everything you want to say into the clothes your people wear.

Promote. Empower

When you begin planning a trade event or a promotional campaign, call Creon. We will help you equip your teams with specially designed outfits and high quality promotional items. Your event and campaign teams will be proud to represent you and your branded items will tell your story long after the event is over.