Tailoring items for a more personal brand story

Every now and then, we receive special orders from our customers outside of the assortment in the online store we provide for their brand – and it’s not due to gaps in the product portfolio. It’s because these customers understand that by customizing branded items, they can tell their story without restrictions or compromises. Used this way, branded items become a significant and dynamic asset not just externally, but internally as well.

Many of our customers know how to harness this power by tailoring items to match company and department event calendars. Depending on the occasion, its location, and not least, the employees themselves, each event is supported by or even centered around relevant products. For example, one customer ordered customized soccer balls for a cross-department soccer tournament. Another needed fleece sweaters made from recycled materials for a three-day breakout event with outdoor activities and workshops on the company’s own sustainability goals.

Others have used specially ordered items as personalized tokens of appreciation for exceptional achievements. Ranging from scale models of industrial machines for the engineers involved in creating them, to engraved cut-glass trophies handed out to the winners at internal award ceremonies – these products represent and nourish a company culture where individual contributions are valued, recognized, and remembered.

Växjö (main office)

Växjö (main office)
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