Borgeby Agricultural Trade Fair 2018

This summer, Creon was at the annual Borgeby Agricultural Trade Fair in Bjarred, Southern Sweden, to see how our special event branded items were used and enjoyed. One of our customers is one of the biggest exhibitors at this impressive International fair and approximately 20,000 visitors from Scandinavia and beyond were at the fair. The theme for 2018 was precision farming.

Certified Known Consignor

Creon is on a list of approved businesses that use international best-practice security measures to prevent unlawful acts against aviation. A Known Consignor is responsible for securing air cargo that originates from their business until it reaches its delivery destination. Creon is certified to carry out its own security checks and provide assurances that cargo is safe to load on to an aircraft. Creon Known Consignor status is certified by The Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen). It enables us to further improve our logistics process and delivery efficiency. Well done Creon Warehouse Staff for making this happen!

CSR – we match yours

Creon is well known for creating and producing branded items that are responsibly made and managed. Our customers have very high corporate and environmental standards and it is very important to them that their branded items reflect their CSR goals. Creon conducts social and production facility audits including safety procedure inspection, working hour analysis, waste management inspection and factory employee interviews. In depth reports and our visits to high-volume manufacturers make it possible for us to propose and drive beneficial change in the lives and well being of factory employees. So, when you’re ordering branded items. Make sure they will be responsively manufactured. Actually, it’s your responsibility.

Employer branding

Many companies and organizations are so busy with their plans and strategies for the future and forget to appreciate the people who are doing the work. Branded gift sets and quality branded items are very effective when you want to show your appreciation and celebrate the people that brought you to where you are today. Choose surprise gifts for your employees that reflect your brand values and dreams. Show them that you value them. Make them feel needed. That will empower your brand.

Goodbye Kicki

We’ll miss you a lot! Christina Hamilton, known to our customers and her colleagues as Kicki, will leave Creon and retire at the end of this year. Kicki has been in the business of branded items since 1982. She joined Creon in January 2000, and since then she has helped us to grow and reach where we are today. In her role as Account Manager Kicki supported our customers with professionalism and personality. She was an excellent Creon ambassador. As a colleague, her wonderful sense of humor and unbeatable optimism spread joy and confidence to all of us at the Creon offices. We wish her the very best in her retirement. Thank you Kicki, for everything.

Staff uniforms that inspire and unite

A major Swedish-Danish fuel company asked Creon to create a collection of station staff uniforms that would express their new tone of voice and at the same time convey a warm welcome to customers they meet every day. The result was a comfortable collection of impressive uniforms and related items, for men and women, with a casual style and a modern look. Gear up for change. Providing your employees with new staff uniforms is a very effective way to bring people together and refresh the spirit of a company. Especially during a period when the organization is going through a major change, for example, when two companies are merging into one.  The simple act of putting on your new staff uniform at the start of a working day reminds you that changes are taking place and that your employer needs your support if they are to be successful.

Bags go places

One great thing about branded product media is that it goes places and it is seen and used in situations where your product or service might not normally be noticed. Why is that good? Because it can make more people curious about your brand and aware of it. Physical branded items can also be used to support external and internal digital communications campaigns such as corporate social media events. Creon has helped its customers to get employees to engage in their social media activities. Call us and we can help you!

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