What eco-conscious branding means in 2023

The time where any brand, regardless of its industry, could avoid facing the question of the environmental impact of its operations, is long gone. In 2023, brands that embrace the issue of sustainability and take proactive steps to turn it into a strength are clearly the ones coming out on top.

At Creon, we’ve made it our business to ensure that our customers’ road to greener branding is both smooth and authentic. Our Profile Store webshop solution allows them to set and achieve ambitious sustainability goals through transparent processes with tangible criteria: our sustainability rating called From Good to Great, a clever system that ranks all items in the customer’s Profile Store based on their sustainability impact. Products that don’t live up to the level 1 criteria, which means exceeding industry standards, are not even added to the assortment.

Products can be filtered by sustainability rating, making it easier to shop products that reflect the brand’s values – from manufacturing to finished product. Creon supports the customer’s continued journey From Good to Great through ongoing assortment development with the explicit goals of increasing the level of sustainability.

In practice, an eco-consciously branded product can look like this lip balm created for our customer Epiroc: The product itself is 100% plant-based and vegan, and made from olive oil, carnauba wax, and jojoba oil from organic farming. The casing is made from 80% recycled plastic in brand colors and features the company logo prominently on the side. With a best-by-date of 24 months, this means a lifespan of two years for this product as an everyday branding opportunity with high visibility and a subtle scent of vanilla.

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