For our customer Epiroc, sustainability is a key component of good branded items. Each item is an opportunity to communicate brand values in a tangible way, and the assortment in the Epiroc Profile Store reflects their commitment to more sustainable operations. For them, we source items from umbrellas to baseball hats made from recycled PET bottles, and choose staple garments sewn in certified organic cotton.

We also introduced a sustainability rating called From Good to Great, a user-friendly system that ranks all items in the Profile Store based on their sustainability impact. Products that don’t live up to the level 1 criteria, which means exceeding industry standards, are not even added to the assortment. The rating makes it easier to shop products that reflect our customer’s values – from manufacturing to finished product. It also allows for better tracking of sustainability goals for the product assortment overall, as we continuously work to explore new manufacturing methods and materials, introduce new products and replace old items with greener options. That way, we keep increasing the level of sustainability and keep moving From Good to Great.

Växjö (main office)

Växjö (main office)
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