THINGS MATTER™ is a phrase that tells Creon customers that we take our business very seriously

For us, product media is things that convey a message. Like any other item you have at work or at home, they have a purpose. For Creon customers their purpose is to empower the brand and spread the word to places that cannot be reached through conventional media channels.

For example, one of our customers is a major international rail transport company. They chose to spread their environmental message by engraving it onto the handle of a 1 ml spice measure. It ended up in kitchens far away from the service that the company provides but close to the people it wants to reach. The spice measure is both a kitchen item and a fun keyring item.

Växjö (main office)

Växjö (main office)
Annavägen 12
SE 35246 Växjö