At Creon, we often talk about how successful branded items take branding far beyond a simple logo. The products we create for our customer Södra are a great illustration of what we mean. For them, adding a logo to an existing item that is otherwise disconnected from Södra’s operations, values, and goals is not enough. Instead, branding is present at the very beginning of the design and sourcing process, and connected to all parts that follow.

That way, each item that is chosen for their Profile Store comes to embody what Södra is really about. For example, a hat woven from sustainably sourced Tencel fibers made from wood pulp both represents their green approach to forestry and is a highly wearable item. A camouflage print baseball cap with high-visibility color blocks is another accessory that not only invokes the spirit of the company by drawing from classic hunting and forestry apparel, but is in itself a useful addition to just such a wardrobe.

Växjö (main office)

Växjö (main office)
Annavägen 12
SE 35246 Växjö