We Actively Care

Creon cares about how things
are made and managed

We care

Creon actively cares about the environment and the well being of people wherever they are. Locally, we support various sports and other youth activities both financially and by participating in events. Creon has signed up to many international initiatives that are designed to improve people’s lives and the environment in areas where manufacturing is carried out.

Sourcing – responsible partners

Branded items by Creon are manufactured in factories that have proven social and environmental standards. Creon ensures that everything is sourced responsibly and that manufacturers have signed up to relevant requirements.

Auditing – regular inspection

Creon conducts social and production facility audits. Audits can include safety procedure inspection, working hour analysis, waste management inspection, factory employee interviews and documentation and certificate assurances.

Improving working conditions – well being

In depth reports and our own visits to high-volume manufacturers make it possible for us to propose and drive beneficial change in the lives and well being of factory employees.

Verification – better insight

Auditing and reporting serve to help manufacturers improve their processes and manufacturing output. We carry out regular partner verification and help raise the standard of products and services in developing markets.

Thinking green

When we choose a Creon manufacturing partner we place great importance on how production impacts the surrounding environment. For example, we make sure that waste water is used effectively.

Giving back

Even though we do our best to minimize the environmental effect of transporting goods over long distances, there is still carbon emission to compensate. Creon supports certified climate projects such as the first wind farm in Nicaragua, a landfill gas plant in Turkey and a ceramic water purifier project in Cambodia.

Your CSR. Our promise

Creon guarantees that we will create and present branded item solutions that will reflect your corporate ethical and environmental standards.

We support
United Nations Global compact

GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard


FSC – Ensuring sustainable forestry


Fairtrade - putting farmers first


Oeko-Tex - confidence in textiles


SGS - world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.


Intertek - trusted provider of quality and safety solutions for leading brands and companies.


SOS barnbyar – working to improve the lives of children everywhere.


BRIS – working to improve the lives of children everywhere.


Bluesign - sustainability solution provider for the textile industry.


Reach - sustainability solution provider for the textile industry.


T.A.D - an impressive and much needed initiative