About Creon, our customers and our hopes and dreams

Creon AB is a company with 21 specialist employees based in Växjö, Sweden. We provide our customers with high-quality branded items and workwear that is sustainably made and managed.

Our customers are medium to large Swedish and International companies who are leaders in their fields and who have discovered how media in the form of physical branded items can enhance how their brand message is perceived, communicated and understood.

We believe that branded items can be a powerful force when a company or organization wishes to promote engagement in particular activities, generate a positive sense of belonging and keep its brand message clearly alive and visible.

Creon was founded in 1999 by Micke Svensson and Johan Lindberg. Our initial idea was to set up an efficient warehouse and online store that would provide customers with quality branded items and distribute them to employees and partners around the world.

We soon had an expanding business with a fast growing list of influential customers.

Every year we gain new insights into how quality products and creative branded item solutions can improve the brand perception of our customers and contribute to the well being of manufacturing communities in different parts of the world.