Växjö Charity Gala Day 2018 – WHAT A SUCCESS!

Packed with activity. Packed with fun. Enjoyed by everybody. The Växjö Charity Gala Day 2018 started at 8 AM and went on throughout the day and rounded off with an exceptional entertainment gala at the Fort Knox Arena in Växjö. It was sponsored by large and small companies and organizations operating in and around Växjö, Kronoberg County, Sweden. Golf and Paddle Tennis were the main sporting activities of the day and competitions were held in these sports. In the evening, the Fort Knox Arena hosted a dinner and a show where entertainment celebrities gave us a great end to a great day. During the evening the three recipient groups of Växjö Charity Annual Funding together received over 1,000,000 SEK. The financial sponsorship comes from donations from companies in Växjö and Kronoberg County and beyond, and the proceeds of the Växjö Charity Gala Event.

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