Staff uniforms that inspire and unite

A major Swedish-Danish fuel company asked Creon to create a collection of station staff uniforms that would express their new tone of voice and at the same time convey a warm welcome to customers they meet every day. The result was a comfortable collection of impressive uniforms and related items, for men and women, with a casual style and a modern look. Gear up for change. Providing your employees with new staff uniforms is a very effective way to bring people together and refresh the spirit of a company. Especially during a period when the organization is going through a major change, for example, when two companies are merging into one.  The simple act of putting on your new staff uniform at the start of a working day reminds you that changes are taking place and that your employer needs your support if they are to be successful.

Växjö (main office)

Växjö (main office)
Annavägen 12
SE 35246 Växjö